December 28, 2015:
Here we are, one year since I started my website.  Where has the time gone?  Gee whiz! As you know, there are 365 days in a year, and I posted 183 days.  I was hoping to post half the time, so I hit my goal exactly!  Speaking of goals....on January 1, 2015 I had the goal of losing 39 pounds this year.  It didn't quite happen, but I did lose 26 pounds!  I am also the strongest I have ever been, as I have been working out at the gym 5-6 times per week.  

I would still like to lose 13 more pounds but am going to take a different approach from here on out.  I am switching from Weight Watchers to counting calories on the My Fitness Pal app on my iPhone. Several factors went into this decision.  (1) I have been on a weight plateau for 5 months.  I know that muscle (from working out) weighs more than fat, but I would like to see a steady decrease in my weight. (2) Weight Watchers has changed their program a few times in the past decade; it's hard to keep up. (3) Calories are so much easier to track rather than calculating points. (4) My Fitness Pal is FREE!  

Going forward, I will be posting the amount of calories instead of the Weight Watcher points.  I hope you enjoy my website and get some ideas for your weight loss journey!

January 1, 2015: 
After having 2 babies in the past 2 1/2 years, I have 39 pounds that unfortunately won't seem to disappear in my sleep.  In order to start my journey of weight loss, I decided I had to let go of my obsession with delicious dinners and desserts that always involved a stick or two of butter.  My daughter's birthday cake actually contained five sticks of butter. Shouldn't that be illegal? 

A few weeks ago, I decided to join Weight Watchers for two main reasons: 

#1 - I wanted to feel better.  I was sick of going to bed with a stomach ache from overeating. 

#2 - I have an entire wardrobe of pre-prego clothes that have been in storage for three years. I miss wearing all of my cute clothes!

Staying at home full-time with 3 kids, I was constantly eating their leftover corndogs, chicken nuggets and quesadillas.  No more!  I now have healthy choices out on the counter during the daily breakfast/lunch/dinner madness prep times.  

Join me on my journey of eating healthy!  I hope that you enjoy my blog.  It's simple - pictures and WW point plus values of what I eat.  I know your time is limited and my goal is to give you healthy meal ideas that don't involve a ton of prep!


  1. We need a photo of you!

  2. I think it would be nice to see a photo of the Editor. I really enjoy your professional presentation of your meals and am eager to try your recipes as well.

  3. OK, photo is up! This photo was taken in September 2014. I hope to have a slimmer looking picture up before summer rolls around!

  4. Great pic! I hope to look as good by eating your yummy recipes! Thank you for putting together this blog.

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  6. Yeah, great photo. I like the recipes AND the plates of food with points that often match that of a dessert. That makes me feel happy cuz I'd rather have the food. I can sure live without dessert, but I dislike the hungry feeling.

  7. Hey Hey, you should post another photo of how sexy you are looking now. This plan has totally worked! Inspiring and real life.

  8. Being a mother of 5, I was on weight watchers after each child to get my weight back in check. I came across several good recipes over the years. Now entering into my Senior years I find it harder to stay motivated to keep gravity from taking over. Your recipes and words of inspiration are very important to those searching for the help they need. As the mother of the Editor, I am very proud to see what you are giving back to all of us. The recipes look yummy and the words of inspiration are everlasting.